New Galaxy Zoo Mobile challenge – Ring Galaxies

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New Galaxy Zoo Mobile challenge – Ring Galaxies

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Astronomers aren’t sure why some rare galaxies are shaped like rings. Is it mergers, where one galaxy punches a hole in another, or slow evolution, where gravity slowly pulls the stars into a ring? Every ring galaxy you find will help solve the mystery. You can read more about the science, and see some ring galaxies, here ... g-galaxies.

Galaxy Zoo volunteers have picked out about 25,000 galaxies which might have rings. We need you to search through this promising pile to find, hopefully, several thousand ring galaxies. The galaxies are uploaded to the Zooniverse mobile app; now volunteers like you can flick through them on the app* (iOS, Android) and find which ones have rings. Many of the galaxies are weird, strange, and beautiful - what will you discover?

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